New Medical Imaging Technology

September 14, 2020 admin Blog

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan, more commonly known as an MRI, is a powerful diagnostic tool. The procedure is vital to the detection and diagnosis of many life-threatening conditions, including tumors, brain disease, heart conditions, and countless others. MRI scans lead to the diagnosis and treatment of detrimental and potentially fatal conditions. Thus, the potential benefits of an MRI scan are life-saving and are becoming increasingly exponential. So, it comes as little shock that over 30 million scans are done on a yearly basis in the United States alone.

However, there are recurring issues that have yet to be fully addressed. Throughout academic literature, it is reported that up to 37% of patients, undergoing an MRI scan, experience levels of anxiety, which in turn prevents 2% of scans from being completed. That is 600,000 scans a year. Now, with the recently released Medicare pricing data analyzed by NerdWallet Health, the average cost of an MRI in the US is $2,611. That means a loss of approximately $1.5 Billion (or $115,000 per machine) for the medical industry per year. So, what is the answer?

Sound Imaging Inc., in business since 1996, has, over the past few years, designed and developed an entire suite of accessories to limit or possibly eliminate patient anxiety and movement during MRI scans. The newly patented SAMM MD (Safety and Motion Monitoring with Motion Detection) system consists of a dual HD MRI patient bore CCTV system. The system visually and audibly alerts the patient and MRI technologist about motion and affords the technologist the option to automatically pause the MRI scanner during patient motion or movement. Combine those elements with the ability to fully integrate with MRI patient work-lists so patient videos are time-stamped and searchable to help reduce potential legal exposure, you have a system that is a must in the MRI suite.


Over 4 years in development, Sound Imaging’s SAMM MD (Safety and Movement Monitoring with Motion Detection) system was designed to address a “wish list” of issues brought up by the MRI Staff at Johns Hopkins Medical Center.  SAMM MD implements patented hardware and software that integrates with the MRI scanner to:

  • Movement or motion by the patient is optionally paused during the MRI scanner to help increase patient safety, reduce repeat scans, and increase image quality
  • Visually and audibly alert the patient and MRI Technologist about motion
  • Remotely/locally alert and record anyone entering the MRI room with 24 hour surveillance
  • Optionally record the MRI patient during their entire MRI scan, as soon as they enter the MRI room
  • Allow MRI Technologists to actually “see their patients” in real time with MRI compatible HD video display
  • Fully integrate with MRI patient worklist so patient videos are time-stamped and searchable to help reduce potential legal exposure
  • Record videos that can be used to help with Technologist training to reduce claustrophobia and increase patient safety

Ultimately, the MRI is about the patient: their comfort, as well as their physical health. Being able to keep patients relaxed and focused on anything other than the MRI scan is beneficial to both the imaging center and the patient. Doesn’t it make sense to make the patient happy while saving money?

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