Sound Imaging and Johns Hopkins Ink Deal for New MRI Patient Motion Tracker

September 16, 2020 admin Press Release

Optionally pause the MRI scanner during patient motion or movement to help increase patient safety, reduce repeat scans and increase image quality. Visually and audibly alert the patient and MRI Technologist about motion. Remotely/locally alert and record anyone entering one of the most dangerous rooms in a hospital or imaging center, the MRI room, 24/7. Optionally record the MRI patient during their entire MRI scan, as soon as they enter the MRI room. Allow MRI Technologists to actually “see their patients”  in real-time with MRI-compatible HD video display. Fully integrate with MRI patient worklist so patient videos are time-stamped and searchable to help reduce potential future legal exposure(s). Record videos that can be used to help with Technologist training to reduce claustrophobia and increase patient safety.

In short, the PMT:

  • • Allows patient monitoring in real-time.
  • • Decreases the number of motion artifacts.
  • • Reduces the number of rescans.
  • • Remotely monitors hazardous MRI room.
  • • Increases revenue with more scans per day.
  • • Protects from liability issues.
  • • Serves as an excellent training tool.


About Sound Imaging 

Sound Imaging, is a leading designer and manufacturer of MRI accessories. Since its founding in 1996, the San Diego-based company has engineered various imaging accessories that create a more comfortable patient experience. Sound Imaging’s products are designed to reduce movement during scans and lower the overall number of re-scans. Sound Imaging provides a low-price guarantee on every item we sell.

What makes the PMT different from most patient observation systems is its motion detection technology. The Motion Detection feature notifies MRI Technologists if it picks up enough patient musculoskeletal movement to create a potential motion artifact, thus preventing costly rescans.