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New Patented MRI Patient Motion Tracker System

The Next Level in MRI Scanner Automation

SAN DIEGO, CA – October 3, 2019 – Sound Imaging, Inc. released a patented MRI patient motion tracker system that reduces motion artifacts, makes MRI scans more efficient for imaging centers, and ensures patient comfort and safety.

Over four years in development, Sound Imaging’s MRI PMT system was designed to address a “wish list” of issues brought up by the MRI Staff at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. MRI PMT implements patented hardware and software that integrates with the MRI scanner to:

• Allow the technologist to optionally pause during the MRI scanner to help increase patient safety, reduce repeat scans, and increase image quality
• Visually and audibly alert the patient and MRI Technologist about motion
• Remotely/locally alert and record anyone entering the MRI room with 24-hour surveillance.
• Optionally record the MRI patient during their entire MRI scan, as soon as they enter the MRI room
• Allow MRI Technologists to actually “see their patients” in real-time with MRI conditional HD video display
• Fully integrate with an MRI patient work-list so patient videos are time-stamped and searchable to help reduce potential legal exposure
• Record videos that can use to help with Technologist training to reduce claustrophobia and increase patient safety

In 2015, Dr. Jalal B. Andre led a team of researchers to study the added costs of motion artifacts to a typical imaging center. In their study entitled, “Toward Quantifying the Prevalence, Severity, and Cost Associated With Patient Motion During Clinical MR Examinations,” the researchers found that nearly 20 percent of studied examinations needed re-scans, which they said could cost an additional $115,000 per year per machine.
“The results of this study suggest that the goal of reducing motion artifacts, and the related image degradation, represents an opportunity to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve imaging services,” said Dr. Andre.

MRI PMT is a highly innovative, custom patient motion tracker system specifically designed to stop operational and maintenance overruns, improve image quality, and increase patient comfort and safety while enhancing the patient/technician experience during the MRI process.  With this newly patented device, Sound Imaging is moving MRI into the 21st century, and patients will never be more comfortable. Interested parties should call Sound Imaging at 866-530-7850 or email for more information.

About Sound Imaging: Sound Imaging, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of MRI accessories. Since its founding in 1996, the San Diego, based company has engineered a wide variety of imaging accessories that create a more comfortable patient experience. Sound Imaging’s products are designed to reduce movement during scans and lower the overall number of re-scans. Sound Imaging provides a low-price guarantee on each item we sell.

MRI Patient Motion Tracker brings the second set of eyes to one of the most dangerous rooms in the hospital. MRI Patient Motion Tracker is a patented system of high definition cameras paired with motion detecting and monitoring software for patients and the MRI environment.
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